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Frank Trowman preparing breakfast for the crew at Cropthorn June 1977
Barn fire at Cropthorne 9th June 1977, Frank Trowman prepares breakfast for the crew.

For many years the Broadway crew carried emergency rations and cooking equipment on their appliance. This was most welcome when, as in this case, they were detained at an incident for a long period.

Ever resourceful, Frank uses what is at hand to make toast!

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Frank using a pitch fork to make toast

Once hay or straw is alight there is very little that can be done to extinguish it, so it has to be left to burn. It was usual for a crew to remain at the incident to keep watch, and occasionally turn the material to speed up the burning process.
In the photo below the Broadway water tender can be seen, and fireman John Oliver.
John Oliver keeps a watch on the fire at Cropthorne June 1977
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