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A lorry backing in to save some of the contents of the barn
A series of photos taken at Yew Tree Farm Saintbury on 28th July 1977
When the Broadway brigade arrived on the scene smoke was issuing from inside the barn. The cause of the fire was probably spontaneous combustion.
Above: A lorry is backed in to retrive some of the contents of the barn.

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Smoke issuing from the barn at Saintbury
Above: At this time crew members were inside removing bales by hand in order to reach the seat of the fire. They were ordered out of the barn when it became too dangerous to continue because of the heat and smoke.

Below: Shortly afterwards the contents of the barn was burning from end to end.
The barn at Saintbury ,well alight

Below: At this stage all that was possible was to try to minimise the damage to the building by cooling the exterior.
Fire crew L-R: Roy Ingles, Les Barnet, Pat Malin.

Water is sprayed onto the barn to reduce damage to the structure
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