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NWP393P on Broadway village Green

In April 1980 an ACB Angus water tender on a Ford chassis, registration number NWP393P, replaced Broadway's 1977 Bedford. It is seen here at a fete on the village green. Fire crew L-R: Les Barnett, Roy Ingles, John Oliver and John Arnold.

The Brigade’s policy of keeping older appliances on small retained stations was completely reversed in 1985 when Broadway received, as did many other small stations in the Brigade, a brand new Dennis SS.
The Dennis, registration number B361FAB, is seen here near Snowshill in May 1985, two months after delivery.

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B361FAB at Snowshill 1985

In 1998, after thirteen years, but with only 13,000 miles on the clock, B361FAB was replaced with a newer but more travelled appliance, E117FCJ.
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E117FCJ outside the fire station at Broadway in 1998
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