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Broadway Fire Brigade - A History
By Brian Parsons

This is the history of fire fighting in Broadway and surrounding district.

Broadway is a large village in the South of Worcestershire on the edge of the Cotswold Hills. By the end of the Nineteenth Century it was already famous for its broad High Street; it attracted tourists, and was home to many wealthy individuals. By this time most towns and villages in the area, of a comparable size, and even many smaller communities, had already provided themselves with a fire brigade. However, Broadway residents, at this time, had only the most basic fire-fighting equipment to hand.

I describe how the people of Broadway, with the help of wealthy benefactors, formed and ran their own fire brigade. Then how, throughout the Twentieth Century, that brigade changed, and developed into the modern fire service serving the village today.

Forming the Brigade
Funding the Brigade
Local Agreements
Captains and Crew
1897-1933, A Summary
The Joint Brigade
Second World War
NFS & County Brigades
1950s to Modern Times
Fires 1759-1939
Picture Gallery
On a lighter note