Kites Nest Lodge 1939
The lodge stood on the right hand side of the lane which leads to Kites Nest at the point where it leaves the Broadway to Snowshill road. At about 10.30am on the morning of Friday 29th September 1939 a lorry driver, employed by Titchmarsh & Hunt the Broadway corn merchants, was proceeding towards Snowshill when he noticed flames coming from the thatched roof of the house. He immediately stopped to warn the occupier, Mrs Henly, who was washing clothes in the back kitchen and oblivious to what was happening. Her two children, one aged two and the other twelve, who had been playing, rushed out of the house with their mother. The Broadway police were informed of the fire at 10.35am, and Police Constable Parsons and the Broadway fire brigade were mobilised to the incident.
Fire at Kites Nest Lodge Broadway 1939
The Broadway brigade arrived on the scene at 10.45am with their new trailer pump, under their captain, Charles Steward. Furniture and other belongings were removed from the burning building. Two cats were also saved. The Evesham and Pershore R.D.C. Joint Fire Brigade were called, and arrived on the scene at 11.20am. Both brigades worked hard but were unable to extinguish the fire which was fanned by a strong north-east wind.
Fire at Kites Nest Lodge Broadway 1939
  Fire at Kite's Nest Lodge Broadway in 1939
Water was probably pumped from "Booby's Brook" which crosses the Snowshill Road near the premises.
The house was totally destroyed and was never rebuilt. There is now little to indicate where the house stood, and the site is covered with mature trees.